What We Do

Most homeowners believe that they cannot afford to hire a General Contractor to manage their project.
In reality, you cannot afford to go forward without one.

Benefits of working with 4M Construction

  • Access to wholesale costs on all materials. You can save up to 15% on materials, if you use our trusted suppliers.
  • Access to wholesale costs for subcontractors. Did you know when you call a trade contractor like a plumber for example he quotes you a retail price? It may surprise you then that the price 4M receives is wholesale, which equates to about a 15% savings.
  • You are assigned a project manager who is responsible for all aspects of the project, allowing you to rest easy knowing your project is being managed to stay on budget, on time, and the quality you deserve.

Example 1 (homeowner acting as general)
Retail cost for all subcontractors used $20,000.00
Retail cost for all materials $5,000.00
Total: $25,000.00

Example 2 (Home owner uses 4M)
Cost of general contractor $ 4,347.00
Wholesale costs for all subcontractors used $17,391.00
Wholesale cost for all materials $4,348.00
Total: $26,086.00

Bottom Line: In this scenario the cost of using 4M Construction is a difference of $1,086.00. Most
homeowners only see the contractor fee and decide they cannot afford that. However, if you have
someone taking care of everything for you, so that the remodel process goes forward in a smooth,
timely manner, and is done exactly how you want, the additional $1,086 is a small price for the
peace of mind that the Project Manager brings to the equation.

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